Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It has come to the end of Colin, Marco and Tris's time in Dahab filming this DVD.  The last few days mostly had the boys in the 'media suite' sorting through clips and putting voice over to them all.  This is so time consuming and there is still plenty to be done, making sure its exactly how they want it to make it a perfect learning aid for all windsurfers.  They also had a couple more clips to film and also a photo shoot for the cover shots.  The wind has been incredible the last few days here in Dahab and so there was no problem for that. Colin was loving it getting the loop footage on his 5.3, when he could have easily been on a 4.5!!

Now they have the ongoing editing and voiceovers to do, Tris has flown home and Colin is leaving today to start his journey to his summer season in Vass, Marco will continue his work here and his part of the voiceovers, to get the DVD completed asap!

For now we have got a few more pics to keep you going between now and the release of the DVD, and will upload more onto the facebook album in the next couple of days!! 

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