Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day Four 8/5/11

The wind has arrived........ Full Power!

Today strong winds in Dahab have given the "Go Pro with Colin & Marco" crew the opportunity to film the first on water footage for the DVD.

The boys hit the water in the Dahab Lagoon today with Tristan and his camera stationed on the downwind tower.

Colin has been cranking round some carve gybes and downwind 360 variations, while Marco has been showing us how to duck gybe and throw down some laydown gybes.

Whilst getting lots of "How to" footage on the Go Pro & Tris's Camera the boys have been putting in a lot of effort to obtain the "How NOT to" footage. Crashing in the various, often amusing, ways that you may experience when learning these new moves. You will be able to see whats going wrong and where, and more importantly get the guidance on how to turn these wipe outs into your desired move

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